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Degrees and Certificates in Digital Media/Internet Services Department

New Degrees and Certificates are in the approval process. All current classes will count towards the new Degrees.

  1. AA Degree Web & Mobile Design
  2. Certificate in Marketing/Digital Communications
  3. Certificate in Web and Mobile Design
  4. Certificate Graphic Design

We have been revising the degrees and certificates. Below is the list of degrees and certificates currently listed.

The current list of degrees and certificates - In the 2014/2015 catalog

If the current degrees are not listed on the West Valley Site then Register for the AA Liberal Arts degree with a concentration in Communication and Media.

Cost Estimate for completing a program in
Digital Media

Student price for the Adobe CC suite is $20 month. You will be able to complete the classes with the Adobe Suite.

Thanks for your interest in Digital Media/Internet Services. Our program is a dynamic Career Program. We are always revising and altering class to meet industry standards. All our classes teach on the latest Adobe CC suite and HTML5/CSS3. Within the next year we will be offering a tranfer model currculum. You can take a series of class to transfer to CSU or UC.