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Welcome to the Department of Digital Media/Internet Service at West Valley College. We educate and train students for careers in Digital Media and transfering to four year university programs.

Many of our students go into the fields of web design, web development, marketing, commercial art, and digital video. The department also supports lifelong learning.

Courses are offered in person and online, and students are encouraged to work on projects and products that will be launched and marketed for their coursework and/or professional purposes.

Digital Media/Internet Services students possess many different levels of experience, formal education, and country of origin.

If you need assistance signing up, please call Jean at 408-741-2435 or Jeff at 408-741-2432



Upon registering you will need to declare a program:

If the DM/IS are not listed choose
AA DEGREE LIBERAL ARTS (Transfer or Non Transfer) Comm & Media

We have been changing the degrees and the computer may not reflect our newest certificates or degrees.

New Degrees and Certificates are in the approval process. All current classes will count towards the new Degrees.

  1. AA Degree Web & Mobile Design
  2. Certificate in Marketing/Digital Communications
  3. Certificate in Web and Mobile Design
  4. Certificate Graphic Design


Please contact Jeff Rascov( or Jean McIntosh(
to discuss registering and scheduling your classes.

The Digital Media Department offers Professional Training in the latest Video Editing application both Macintosh and Adobe software are taught. Check out our Channels on both Video and Youtube

  2. Digital Media samples and Jeff Rascov training video -
  4. Jean Mcintosh talks about taking classes in Digital Media